Block Sheep is a social game that involves psychology, game theory and tech savviness.

You win if you are the minority, like a Black Sheep. Just need to outsmart 50% of the players. So, it’s just you versus the average user.

Play with a revolutionary technology: thanks to the blockchain, it’s mathematically impossible for any player or the house to cheat.

Can you be the Block Sheep?

Let's play

3 steps to be part of the minority group:
that's what Block Sheeps do!

1) Answer

Answer the questions of the Block Sheep:
"Will Donald Trump be re-elected?" - Yes, No
All players answer without knowing the others’ choice.

2) Confirm

Showdown time: when the deadlines expires, every player needs to disclose his answer so the system can identify the winners.

3) Win!

40% of people said Trump will be reelected.
60% of people he won’t.
The minority group always wins.
Be smarter than the majority, and place your answer where less people will do so.

Double your Ether, or more

With 2 possible answers, you double your ETH. With 4, you make a 4X and so on.

Stop playing against the market, play against the average player.

What you need

A Web Browser

We recommend Firefox or Chrome.
Mobile support is coming.

Google Chrome
Get Chrome


The cryptocurrency that fuels the game and that you earn when you win - Powered by Ethereum.
Transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.

Get Ether
The best game about Sheeps and Blockchain I have ever played.
— Massimo "Max" Lomuscio, Inventor

We decentralization

Full security: no logins, we never control your private keys. No ability to manipulate the results.

We are a DApp! There's no fee to play, or a commission when you win. Read more about our business model.

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